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Why should I accept credit cards?

Statistics have shown that the rate of credit card usage for purchases has skyrocketed from under fifty percent in 2003 to over seventy-four percent in 2005. Credit cards are no longer being reserved for emergencies, or given to teenagers when they head off to college, or being used to pay for lavish vacations and getaways. Today, credit cards are being used for the not-so-everyday purchases and the everyday purchases. They are being used for small purchases and large purchases alike. And with so many people turning to the short term loans for goods and services, and even to pay their bills, you would be doing yourself a great disadvantage if you chose not to accept credit cards. When you accept major credit cards, you are offering a very secure and convenient method of paying to your customers, which will keep them coming back, time and time again.

If the borrower’s loans are classified as dull receivables, the credit valuation of other borrowers in the risk group included in the risk group in which the debtor is also evaluated in the classification date, and if the conditions set out in the 4th articles are carried as the loans are classified as dull.

Banks, as of the maximum quarterly balance sheet periods, or in the macroeconomic conditions, or independently in macroeconomic conditions or independently of the borrower in terms of the borrower in terms of the borrower in terms of the borrower in terms of the borrower in terms of the borrower’s obligations. Unlike the credit and risk analysis they do at the stage, they evaluate the loans in terms of the matters specified in Article 4, which will be reclassified and not classified.

The provisions of the provisions of the lively classification on the third paragraph of the third paragraph are required to be carried out in the groups for the relevant group in groups to be reclassified in groups of the dull and live receivables between the subgroups of dull and live receivables.

The entire delayed payments that cause the loan to be classified in the dull group of delayed payments without being applied to collaterals.

As of the reclassification date, the last two payments before and excluding payments specified in in me are made in the maturity of the last two payments and complete.

Is it affordable to accept credit cards?

Yes! The costs associated with being able to accept credit cards payments have never been more affordable! Transactions rates in exchange for being able to accept major credit cards are often no more than one and a half percent of the transaction amount. Sometimes that fee may be even less (the exception is if you accept credit cards by phone – because of high chargebacks and the like, your transaction fee may be of average rate or even higher).

Do I need special equipment to accept credit cards?

Yes. In addition to having a credit card merchant account established, in order to accept credit card transactions from customers in store, online, over the phone or through the mail, you will need credit card processing equipment – aka a credit card terminal. This piece of equipment is usually no larger than a small shoe box, and can sit right on top of or alongside your cash register. In the case of an online store or mail order business, in lieu of a credit card terminal you may be able to use computer software in order to accept credit cards.

Is it safe to accept credit cards?

Yes! On their own, credit cards are safe. While there are risks associated with choosing to accept credit card payments, those risks are minimal, and the provider of your merchant account will do whatever possible to reduce or eliminate those risks. The risks are mainly due to theft and fraud. You can assist with preventing the risks associated with choosing to accept credit card transactions, by being vigilant with the credit cards you are handling. Make sure names match up, and verify the signature. Ask for photo ID. Use AVS (Address Verification Service) to confirm addresses before shipping out any goods. Finally, ask your merchant provider for tips on how to make your experience with choosing to accept credit cards as risk free as possible. To order, please